Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

How Do You Get Rid Of That Obnoxious White Tongue?

Joe Lawrence

If you find that you have a white tongue most of the time, there can be a few different reasons for it looking the way it does. It's no fun to give someone a wide smile or a big laugh when you know that they are more than likely going to gawk at the white tongue behind your smile. Here are some of the common causes of a white tongue and some of the things that you can do to get rid of it and/or even prevent it.

Dehydration can cause you to have a white tongue: When you don't have enough fluids in your system, it can cause you to have a white looking tongue. Along with your tongue, you may also notice that your gums don't appear as pink in color as they normally do either. Also, you may experience bad breath. The most obvious cure for dehydration is drinking plenty of water, relaxing and staying out of the heat.

Canker sores can cause white spots on your tongue: If you have painful areas that are bumpy and white, then these are canker sores. Most times it's hard to figure out what the root cause of canker sores is. However, other times they can be caused by something you have eaten. Foods with a great deal of acidity in them, such as pasta sauce, can cause them. Some people also get them from certain types of nuts if they are sensitive to them. You can get rid of canker sores by using an over the counter treatment. You can get a few minutes of relief from them by holding an ice cube directly on the area.

Oral thrush can cause white patches on your tongue: Another cause for white patches can be oral thrush, which is caused by an excess of yeast in your mouth. Some of the causes for oral thrush can include being on certain types of medication, illness, stress and more. If you feel you may be suffering from a bout of oral thrush then you want to make an appointment to go see your dentist. They can help you get back the healthy balance in your mouth and get rid of that case of oral thrush.

Certain habits can lead to a white tongue: Certain lifestyle habits you may partake in can also leave you with a white looking tongue. A few examples of these things can include excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes and drinking a lot of carbonated soda or energy drinks.  

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Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

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