Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs


Preparing For Dental Implants: What To Expect

Dental implants through a place like Oral Surgery Associates Inc are a viable option for many people who have lost adult teeth, either due to dental problems or physical trauma. If you’re embarrassed by the appearance of a missing tooth when you smile, you may want to talk to your dentist about dental implants, which are […]

3 Important Tips For Keeping Braces Clean

Getting braces is an extremely exciting milestone, and as you leave the orthodontist your mind is most likely occupied with images of the beautiful, straight smile you always dreamed of having. While braces do an amazing job closing gaps and perfecting alignment, they can also be collectors of harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause cavities, bad breath, and gum disease–all of which […]

A Guide To Dental Implant Procedures

If you’re looking to make your oral health care as great as it can be, the ideal thing to do is remain aware of some procedures that will help fix problems. A dental implant is a common procedure that will help you prevent infection and fix misalignment and spacing by installing a false tooth. By […]

Ways To Maintain Your Oral Health During The Holidays

During the holidays, there are tons of opportunities to indulge in activities that can wreak havoc on your dental health. Nevertheless, there are also things that you can do to maintain your oral health during the festivities. Here are a few of them: Enjoy your cheese. Often, parties will contain cheese trays during the holidays. […]

Questions About Dental Implants

Many people have seen advertisements for dental implants, but they may not know much about these tooth-replacement devices. Here is a bit of information about dental implants to help you better understand them: Is the placement of dental implants painful? Dental implant restorations are performed in an outpatient setting, and they are not generally painful. […]

Tooth Extractions ~ Controllable Bleeding Tips for Everyone

Will you be getting teeth extracted soon? If so, you likely have some concerns. Excess bleeding is one concern for people who have to undergo extractions. Your dentist or oral surgeon will give you specific aftercare instructions, but the instructions are for general care in most cases. This means they include steps that may not apply […]

Benefits of Professional Tooth Whitening

When you’re comparing different teeth-whitening options, you may wonder whether the added cost of a dental tooth whitening is worth it compared to over-the-counter solutions. Here are some reasons why dental teeth-whitening service is a worthy expense. Shorter Time to Results The first thing to consider is that dental teeth-whitening service is likely the most […]