Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs


3 Habits Of People With Healthy Teeth

Having white, healthy teeth does not happen automatically. Many people who have healthy and attractive teeth and gums do more for the health of their teeth than just brushing and flossing. Here are a few of those things: Rinsing With Water After Snacks and Meals Often, people with great teeth carry a water bottle with […]

3 Strategies for Minimizing Dental Anxiety in Children

Dental fear and anxiety is a common phenomenon among children, one that can present significant challenges for dentists. Whether you are a pediatric dentist or a concerned parent, if you would like to learn more about how to help put children at ease during a dental visit, read on. This article will present three effective […]

Types Of Crowns

While there are many dental crowns in use today, they’re all designed to mount onto a tooth or implant. Crowns are often confused with veneers, which only cover portions of a tooth’s surface. They’re designed to enhance an otherwise decent tooth. Crowns see use when a tooth has been weakened and structural restoration is necessary. They’re also used with implants for the visible part of the artificial tooth. Crowns tend […]

What Toothbrush Really Is Best?

Every year, the number of choices for toothbrushes gets larger and larger. You can go with soft, medium, or firm. Battery powered, fully electric, and sonic models are all lined up in the drug store, screaming out their virtues. “Fights Plaque!” “Whitens Teeth!” “Prevents Cavities!” Between your children begging for the brushes that look like […]