Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

  • 2 Natural Rinses To Prevent Your Dental Implant From Failing During Pregnancy

    A healthy dental implant relies heavily on a healthy foundation. Dental implants use the gum tissue around your teeth in order to remain stable and in place for years. Infected or damaged gum tissue can result in the dental implant falling out prematurely. During pregnancy, an increase in hormonal activity in your body creates a playground for bacteria in your mouth. This often results in more bacteria infections and an increased chance of gum disease.

  • What Toothbrush Really Is Best?

    Every year, the number of choices for toothbrushes gets larger and larger. You can go with soft, medium, or firm. Battery powered, fully electric, and sonic models are all lined up in the drug store, screaming out their virtues. "Fights Plaque!" "Whitens Teeth!" "Prevents Cavities!" Between your children begging for the brushes that look like cartoon figures and your desire to promote dental health, you may feel the need to pull out your hair in the oral care aisle.

  • 3 Conditions That May Develop If Wisdom Teeth Are Not Extracted

    If you still have your wisdom teeth, your dentist may be suggesting that you have them extracted. Wisdom teeth are associated with multiple dental problems. Here are a few issues that could develop if your wisdom teeth are kept in place: Pericoronitis Pericoronitis occurs when the gums surrounding the crown of a tooth become inflamed. This happens around wisdom teeth because many of these back molars have not fully presented. When only a portion of a tooth is completely erupted, the tooth may be partially covered by a pocket of gum tissue.

  • Controlling Breath Issues To Give Your Customers A More Pleasant Experience

    If you do face-to-face customer service, one way to help them have a good experience with you is to manage your breath odor. Bad breath could send them away from you to give you a bad review, even though the service you offered was good. Here are a few simple tips to keep your breath clean smelling and less offensive to your customers. 1. Watch what you eat and when.

  • Teeth Whitening FAQ

    Whitening your teeth can not only improve your smile, but also boost your self-esteem. Unfortunately, using an over-the-counter kit from the pharmacy can sometimes do more harm than good. If you are looking for ways to improve your smile through whitening, here is what you need to know. What Is Wrong with At-Home Whitening Kits? At-home teeth whitening kits offer the opportunity to brighten your smile without going to the dentist.

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    Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

    Caring for an elderly parent tends to be tough enough without the added stress of dealing with dental implants or dentures. But, the prospect is not the end of the world—there are many things you can do to ensure that your parent's dental health is not compromised without having to spend a lot of personal time doing the care yourself. Between working with the right dentist, hiring a service provider for part time work, and giving your parent the tools he or she needs to care for his or her own dental health at home, you'll find that dental health for your loved one isn't so tough or time consuming after all. Hopefully you are able to get the support and information you need right here.