Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

  • Why Are Dark Triangles Appearing Between Your Teeth?

    Unless it was caused by a traumatic accident resulting in injury, any changes to the physical appearance of your teeth occur slowly, over the course of months (if not years). But one day you will look in the mirror, notice deterioration or discoloration, realize that something troublesome is brewing, and will schedule an appointment with your dentist. The same applies to your gums, even though these changes can be even harder to spot.

  • Reasons To Get Restorative Dental Services

    Restorative dentistry treatment includes dental implants, dentures, veneers, and dental crowns. The treatments mainly solve the problems of missing teeth and damaged teeth. Here are valid reasons for seeking restorative dentistry treatment. Prevent Extra Dental Issues When you have a missing tooth, you may experience more dental problems as the teeth next to the gap may shift, leading to misalignment. Teeth misalignment can cause bite problems such as overbites and underbites.

  • Is A Loose Dental Implant A Serious Problem?

    There are a few different reasons why a dental implant can feel loose. The most serious cause is an infection known as peri-implantitis, which will require immediate treatment. Of course, it may not be anything as serious as that and can be a minor mechanical issue with the way in which the prosthetic tooth connects to the implant beneath it. How is a loose implant assessed and treated? Caused by Infection

  • Having A Dental Implant Placed

    Suffering the loss of a tooth is often one of the biggest dental issues that a person may face. Individuals that are experiencing this problem may underestimate the range of options that are available to them for correcting their tooth loss. Dental implants are among the most effective and popular solutions for replacing any missing teeth. Enjoy A Stable Tooth Replacement Solution A dental implant is one of the most stable options that you can choose to replace a missing tooth.

  • Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy From the Start: What You Should Know

    Your child's teeth are very important, even though they are just baby teeth now, those teeth will eventually fall out and your child will have their adult teeth. There are many ways to help your children understand and benefit from positive oral health habits. Read on for a few things you should know about keeping your child's teeth healthy from the start. 1. Stop Bottle Feeding at Bedtime If you are giving your baby a bottle at bedtime and this is how you are putting your baby to bed every night, that milk or formula sitting on your baby's gums is going to eventually rot the teeth that are below the gum line or any other teeth that have already emerged.

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    Caring for an Elderly Parent With Special Dental Needs

    Caring for an elderly parent tends to be tough enough without the added stress of dealing with dental implants or dentures. But, the prospect is not the end of the world—there are many things you can do to ensure that your parent's dental health is not compromised without having to spend a lot of personal time doing the care yourself. Between working with the right dentist, hiring a service provider for part time work, and giving your parent the tools he or she needs to care for his or her own dental health at home, you'll find that dental health for your loved one isn't so tough or time consuming after all. Hopefully you are able to get the support and information you need right here.